20130406-173753.jpgZara Faris is a graduate in Arabic & Islamic Studies from SOAS University (School of Oriental and African Studies). She has lived for a year in Egypt studying the Arabic language. She is now a Researcher and International Speaker for the Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI). She is of Kurdish/Pakistani origin.

In the UK, Zara has delivered lectures at a number of universities around the country, including SOAS, LSE, KCL, and UCL, on the subjects of Women in Islam, Justice for Women and Men, Feminism, Reformation and Revival, and Muslims in the West. She has had regular media appearances including on the Islam Channel, Muslim World Network TV, Voice of Russia Radio, and others. She has publicly debated, ‘Do Women Need Feminism?’ with Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, ‘Do Women Need Power?’ with Councillor Rania Khan (Cabinet Member for Culture), ‘Islam or Feminism: Which one can truly liberate women?’ with journalist and feminist activist, Julie Bindel, ‘This House Believes Sharia Law is fairer than English law’, with an English Law Judge and QC (the motion was won on vote change), and ‘Islam and Feminism: Compatible or Conflicting’ with Sisters in Islam Board Member, and daughter of former Malaysian prime minister, Marina Mahathir.

Internationally, Zara has spoken in Ireland, spoken and debated in Germany (Goethe University), spoken in New Zealand (a 6-city tour, with footage by Voice of Islam TV), and toured Malaysia speaking on feminism and liberalism.

For details of past and upcoming events, click here.

To contact her with any queries or booking requests, please click here.


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