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Les Musulmans ont ils besoin d’une « Théologie Féministe »? [French Translation]

Many thanks to my anonymous brother for translating my essay, ‘Do Muslims need a Feminist Theology?’, from English into French. The footnotes are available in English in the original publication. L’article qui va suivre a été délivré à l’université Goethe, à Francfort en Allemagne, lors d’une conférence dont le libellé était « Les horizons de la théologie islamique », tenue en … Continue reading

Can Women go to the Mosque? Yes.

Adapted from a lecture delivered at Cheadle Mosque (Manchester, UK) in February 2018. The Prophet (ﷺ) clearly commanded us to ensure that we do not prevent women from coming to the masjid. However the limited attendance of women (and men) in today’s masajid (mosques) is actually the sign of a deeper and more fundamental problem … Continue reading

Do Muslims Need a Feminist Theology?

The following paper was first delivered in Frankfurt (Germany) at Goethe University’s conference: “Horizons of Islamic Theology” convened in 2014 by the Centre for Islamic Studies (Zentrum für Islamische Studien). The panel was entitled ‘Feminist Theology – Islamic Feminism – Muslim Feminism’, and I was asked to present on the title, “Do Muslims Need a … Continue reading

Would Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) get to say #metoo?

The #MeToo campaign, secular liberalism, and the problem of sexual harassment Groundhog day I was not going to write about the #MeToo campaign. The hashtag at first seemed to bring catharsis for some women and men speaking about their sexual harassment traumas openly (although reliving trauma on social media was itself traumatic for some). Predictably, … Continue reading

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