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When God said ‘Be’ to bring you into existence…

When God said ‘Be’ to bring you into existence, He specifically intended *you* to serve Him in His Plan.

Accepting God.

Accepting that God exists is not the same as accepting God.

Think for yourself, not for your Self.

It is not “thinking for yourself” when the thinking is only to justify your desires. Think for yourself, not for your Self.

David Cameron Demands British Nationalism for Muslims, but Ummah-style Solidarity Amongst Westerners

David Cameron demands British Nationalism for Muslims, but Ummah-style solidarity amongst Westerners. David Cameron recently said with regards to “non-violent extremism” (his view of mainstream Islam): “it is a worry for the world that some feel allegiance only to a religious brotherhood, instead of to their fellow citizens in nation states”. And yet, following the … Continue reading

Marital Problems: Between Qadaa and the Qadi

Would you go to a mechanic to heal your stomach ache? And if the mechanic could not heal you, would you resign yourself to the stomach ache as qadaa (fate)? Probably not – you’d go to the one that specialises in the problem you are facing: a doctor. Just as a mechanic is not a … Continue reading

How “Modernist Muslims” Read the Qur’an

Muslims believe that the Qur’an was revealed to mankind as clear guidance, based on an objective meaning – commands intended to be understood and applied by us. There cannot be unlimited interpretations of the Qur’an because, for the Qur’an to have any meaning, this necessitates discernment between things (unless the author is a poor communicator). … Continue reading

Men and a Bowl Full of M&Ms

A comedian called The Frogman published a post that has been viralised by feminists on social media. In the post, he wrote the following analogy to try and justify that it is OK for women to be fearful of *all* men: “Imagine a bowl full of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go ahead. Eat … Continue reading

A short reflection: On Muslims Being Absent from the Present

Have you ever heard the saying “Everybody wants to change the world, but nobody wants to do the dishes”? It is like this with some (not all, but some, of our Muslim brothers and sisters) – those who are essentially absent from the present, dreaming of the future, yearning for the past, but neglecting what … Continue reading

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