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David Cameron Demands British Nationalism for Muslims, but Ummah-style Solidarity Amongst Westerners

camDavid Cameron demands British Nationalism for Muslims, but Ummah-style solidarity amongst Westerners.

David Cameron recently said with regards to “non-violent extremism” (his view of mainstream Islam): “it is a worry for the world that some feel allegiance only to a religious brotherhood, instead of to their fellow citizens in nation states”. And yet, following the atrocities in Paris, Cameron stated to the people of France, “Your values are our values. Your pain is our pain.Your fight is our fight.”

Wait, is Paris now part of the British state? According to his own criteria (not mine), Cameron’s demand for British allegiance would not tolerate these feelings of allegiance, shared values and pain, with the French, as they are not his “fellow (British) citizens”.

Something tells me it isn’t “a worry” for Cameron if British Muslims empathise with the citizens of France, but only “a worry” for Cameron if Muslims empathise with the plight of the Muslims of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, Somalia…

It seems that Cameron does support extra-national allegiances for Muslims who are British citizens – but only with the ‘Ummah’ (community) of Western civilisation. Any empathy for all other civilisations and peoples beyond this he obviously besmirches as “non-violent extremism”…


2 thoughts on “David Cameron Demands British Nationalism for Muslims, but Ummah-style Solidarity Amongst Westerners

  1. Jazaakalaah khairan

    Posted by Sulaiman Katta | November 23, 2015, 11:32 am
  2. I wish you could write something about mortgage and how Muslims here have accepted this. How we British Muslims have double standards and wierd loop holes for ourself.

    Posted by areejnaseem | January 12, 2018, 2:43 pm

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