Events Schedule


108. Lecture: Feminism and Women in Islam (Delivered virtually, for Sheffield University Islamic Society – December 2020)

107. Lecture: Empowerment through Conviction (Delivered virtually, for Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand 2020 Conference – December 2020)

106. Lecture: Islam: The Rational Way of Life (Delivered virtually, for Loughborough University Islamic Society – December 2020)

105. Lecture: Do Muslim Women Need Feminism? (Delivered virtually, for The Centre for Gender Studies (CGS) – May 2020)

104. Lecture: Feminism and Women in Islam (Delivered virtually, for ISMA UK-Eire – May 2020)

103. Talk: Rationally Muslim (Delivered virtually, for The Albanian Muslim Forum – April 2020)

102. Lecture: Seeking Justice in Islam (Delivered virtually, for The Versatile Muslimah Online Conference, i3 Institute – April 2020)

101. Lecture: Women and Islam (University College of Dublin (UCD), Dublin – February 2020)

100. Interview discussion: Feminism and Islam (PRISM and PPIMI, DAISUKI Camp, Manchester – December 2019)

99. Lecture: Women’s Rights – does Islam have a stance? (Karima al Marwaziyya Foundation (KMF), High Wycombe – November 2019)

98. Lecture: Reviving the Prophetic Legacy (Bournemouth University – May 2019)

97. Lecture: Women’s Rights in Islam (Cardiff University – March 2019)

96. Lecture: On Hijab (Middlesex University – February 2019)

95. Lecture: Empowering Women: Islam or Feminism? (Sheffield University – February 2019)

94. Lecture: Reviving the Prophetic Legacy (Al-Hikma, Muath Centre, Birmingham – February 2019) with Sheikh Hasib Noor

93. Lecture: The Elevated Woman (King’s College London – 15 February 2019)

92. Lecture and Panel Discussion: Demystifying the Millennial Muslimah: Women and Leadership in Islam (Ikram UK & Eire (Manchester), ‘SEMAWAR 2019’ – February 2019) with Aida Azlin (AA Sisterhood)

91. Course: Women and Islam – Part 4 (Al-Balagh Academy – February 2019)

90. Course: Women and Islam – Part 3 (Al-Balagh Academy – October 2018)

89. Debate: Is it wrong to not identify as feminist? (with Emily Zinkin (The F-Word) and Julian Norman (Barrister) at Southampton University – October 2018)

88. Course: Feminism, Women and Islam (As-Suffa Institute (Birmingham) – September 2018)

87. Course: Women and Islam – Part 2 (Al-Balagh Academy – September 2018)

86. Course: Women and Islam – Part 1 (Al-Balagh Academy – September 2018)

85. Podcast: Muslim Women and Feminism – Part I (Coffee with Karim – March 2018)

84. Lecture: Ethics of a Muslim Woman (Inspire Me: Activism and Integration of Muslim women in Ireland, Muslim Sisters of Ireland (MSOE) – March 2018)

83. Lecture: Islam and Feminism (Inspire Me: Activism and Integration of Muslim women in Ireland, Muslim Sisters of Ireland (MSOE) – March 2018)

82. Lecture: Did Islam Liberate Women? (Sussex University – March 2018)

81. Webinar: Islam or Feminism: which one can truly liberate women? (with Dr Rafaqat Rashid, Daniel Haqiqatjou, Fatima Barkatulla, hosted by Al-Balagh Academy – March 2018)

80. Lecture: The Prophetic Legacy and the Role of Men and Women (Hosted by Al-Hikma, at The CMA Welfare Trust (Cheadle Islamic Centre) – February 2018)

79. Lecture: Female Activism in Islam (De Montfort University, Leicester – January 2018)

78. Seminar: Islam & Feminism: Compatible or Conflicting? (Boleyn Banqueting Suite – October 2017)

77. Seminar: Feminism and the Concept of Madinah (part of the Guiding Lamps for Muslim Women series, hosted by The Qur’an Institute, London – August 2017)

76. Panel Event: Women of Faith – Channels of Peace and Dialogue (Sisters of Faith for Peace Conference, hosted with permission of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, with address by The First Lady of Ireland, Mrs Sabina Higgins, and with contributions by Sister Denise Boyle and Ms Laura Marks OBE, Mansion House, Ireland – November 2016)

75. Speech: Female Activism (Ladies of Light Series, The Rabbani Project, London – September 2016)

74. Speech: Developing Intellectual Capital and Women’s Rights without Feminism (Muslimah’s Legacy Event, hosted by Al-Hikma, with Yasmin Mogahed (USA), Musleh Khan (Canada), and others, London – August 2016)

73. Lecture: Muslim Women in Muslim Society (Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland – May 2016)

72. Debate: Does Islam Need Reformation? (iERA, London – February 2015) – with Dr Taj Hargey, Tom Holland, Theo Hobson, Abdullah al-Andalusi, Safaruk Chaudhry – chaired by Lauren Booth.

71. Debate: Islam and Feminism: Compatible or Conflicting (SOAS, London – February 2016) – with Marina Mahathir (Sisters in Islam, and daughter of former Malaysia Prime Minister)

70. Panel Discussion: Q&A on Islam and Feminism, Social Justice, and Violence in the Qur’an (London School of Economics (LSE), London – February 2016) – with Professor Muhammad Abdel-Haleem (SOAS), and Muhammad Dilwar Hussain (5Pillars) – chaired by Professor Janet Hartley (LSE).

69. Panel Discussion: Islamophobia and its effect on women (SOAS, London – November 2015)

68. Debate: Islam: The Cause or Solution to Extremism? (iERA, Queen Mary University, London – October 2015) – with Dr Anas Al-Tikriti, Hamza Tzortzis, Peter Tatchell, Fiyaz Mughal, Mohammed Amin, and Peter Oborne

67. Speech: Feminist or Feminine? (The Abrahamic Foundation, Birmingham – September 2015)

66. TV Discussion: Technology and Islam (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show – June 2015)

65. TV Discussion: Feminism and Islam (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show – June 2015)

64. Lecture: Feminism: Heroin(e) of the Masses (International Muslimah Empowerment Conference (IMEC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – May 2015)

63. Lecture: Islam and Western Civilisation – who needs to learn from whom? (International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak, Malaysia – May 2015)

62. Lecture: The Collapse of the Gender Equality Experiment (Malaysia Multimedia University (MMU), Melaka, Malaysia – May 2015)

61. TV Appearance: Feminism (TV Al-Hijrah, National TV Station of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia May 2015)

60. Lecture: The Revival of Islam and the Muslim Intellect (International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Kuantan, Malaysia – May 2015)

59. Seminar: Comprehending Islam’s Solutions (Bangi, Malaysia – May 2015)

58. Radio Discussion: Do Muslims Need a Feminist Interpretation of Islam? with Ziba Mir-Hosseini (BBC Radio 4, Women’s Hour – April 2015)

57. Talk: Maryam and Asiyah (as) (Brimingham Ladies’ Tea Party – April 2015)

56. TV Discussion: Materialism and Online Shopping (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show – April 2015)

55. Lecture: Muslim Women and Gender Equality (SOAS University – March 2015 (International Women’s Day))

54. Lecture: Islam or Feminism: which one can truly liberate women? (Goldsmiths University – February 2015)

53. Lecture: Women and Leadership in Islam (Lincoln University – February 2015)

52. Lecture: Does Islam Liberate Women? (King’s College London (KCL) – February 2015)

51. Lecture: Do Muslim Women Need Feminism? (February 2015, Auckland University, New Zealand)

50. Lecture: The Ennoblement of the Human Body: The Islamic Concept of Modesty (February 2015, Hamilton, New Zealand)

49. Lecture: The Ennoblement of the Human Body: The Islamic Concept of Modesty (February 2015, Palmerston North, New Zealand)

48. Lecture: What Defines Womens Rights? (February 2015, Dunedin University, New Zealand)

47. Conference Speech: Passing the Torch: Revival of Islam (February 2015, “Passing the Torch” Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand)

46. Conference Lecture: Women and Leadership in Islam (February 2015, “Passing the Torch” Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand)

45. Q&A: Passing the Torch (February 2015, “Passing the Torch” Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand)

44. Lecture: What Defines Womens Rights? (February 2015, Christchurch University, New Zealand

43. Talk: Hijab: To veil or not and why? (February 2015, Zayed College for Girls, Auckland, New Zealand)

42. Lecture: Muslim Women: Leading the Revival (Norwich & Norfolk Muslim Association – December 2014)

41. Debate: This House Believes That Slutwalks Harms Feminism (UCL Bloomsbury Campus – December 2014)

40. Debate: Islam or Feminism: which one can truly liberate women? with Julie Bindel (London- November 2014)

39. Debate: This House Believes that Shariah Law is Fairer than English Law (Hampshire – November 2014) with (i) Zara Faris and (ii) Abdullah Al-Andalusi for the motion; and (i) Adrienne Page QC, and (ii) a retired Judge against the motion.

38. Interfaith Discussion: Women in Faith (SOAS University – October 2014)

37. Lecture: Journey Towards Islam (University College London (UCL) – October 2014)

36. Radio Discussion: The Purity Culture (Shamaj Radio – October 2014)

35. GERMANY Conference lecture and debate: Do Muslims Need a Feminist Theology? (‘Horizons of Islamic Theology’ Conference, held at Goethe University, Germany (Frankfurt) – September 2014) with Dr Shuruq Naguib (Lancaster University Lecturer), and guest participation from  Jerusha Lamptey (Writer and Assistant Professor at the Union Theological Seminary).

34. Lecture: What Defines Womens Rights? (SICM Middlesex – June 2014)

33. TV Discussion: Honour Killings (Islam Channel, Analysis News Show – June 2014)

32. TV Discussion: The Golden Age of Islamic Civilisation (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show – June 2014)

31. Lecture: The Concept of Equality, and Women in Islam (Bedfordshire University – May 2014)

30. TV Discussion: Islam and Science (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show – May 2014)

29. IRELAND Conference: Great Women in the History of Islam (Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland – May 2014)

28. Lecture: Islam and Feminism: A New Perspective (Bournemouth University – March 2014)

27. Lecture: Women in Islam (Southampton University – March 2014)

26. Lecture: Islam: Revive or Reform? (Keele University – March 2014)

25. Lecture: Woman in Islam (SOAS University – February 2014)

24. Lecture: Islam and Western Society: A Conflict? (Hull University – February 2014)

23. Lecture: Will the Real Oppressed Woman Please Stand Up? (University of Kent – Friday February 2014)

22. Panel Lecture: Muslims in Britain (Lincoln University – February 2014)

21. Conference with Lauren Booth (Journalist), Dr Laura McDonald (Deen Institute), and Sheikha Selina Begum: Muslim Women of Today: Divided by Culture, United by Faith (Nottingham University – February 2014)

20. Lecture: Women in Islam: Oppressed or Liberated? (Sussex University – February 2014)

19. Radio Discussion: Women in Islam (RealTalk, 1Ummah FM, January 2014)

18. Panel Event: The Attack on Gender Segregation in Islam: a Muslim Women’s Unified Community Response (The Waterlily, London, December 2013), with Yvonne Ridley, Fatima Barkatulla, and Aisha Arzi.

17. Lecture: The Niqab: Should it be banned in Britain? (Harrow, London, November 2013)

16. Panel Debate/Discussion: Protect The Niqaab – Voices Beyond the Veil (Rochdale Town Hall, Lancashire, November 2013)

15. Workshop: MDI Workshop: Presenting Islam in the West – Islamic Responses to Feminism (Global Peace and Unity Festival (GPU) 2013, November 2013)

14. Discussion: Are Men Our Standard? (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show, November 2013)

13. Discussion: Does Islam Need Updating? A Discussion of Revival and Reformation (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show, November 2013)

12. Debate/Discussion with Julie Bindel (feminist and founder of Justice for Women), Nabila Ramdani (award winning journalist), and Dr Taj Hargey: Should the Niqab (Veil) be banned in Britain? (Voice of Russia Radio, September 2013)

11. Discussion: The Importance of Da’wah (Muslim World Network TV, September 2013)

10. Debate/Discussion: Islam and Feminism (Islam Channel, September 2013)

9. Discussion: Where Are Our Female Scholars? (Islam Channel, Women’s AM Show, August 2013)

8. Debate with Cabinet Member for Culture, Councillor Rania Khan: Do Women Need Power? (Muslim Community Radio, July 2013)

7. Lecture: The Beauty Within (London, Kanoon Towhid Centre, June 2013)

6. Lecture: Understanding Women in Islam (Letchworth, May 2013)

5. Debate with Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett: Do Women Need Feminism? (London, February 2013)

4. Lecture: Hijab: to veil or not to veil (Kent University, February 2013)

3. Lecture: The Role of Women in Islam (Lincoln University, February 2013)

2. Lecture: The Four Greatest Women in Islam (Brighton University, February 2013)

1. Lecture: Women’s Rights in Islam (Sussex University, January 2013)


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