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BBC Radio 4: Is a “Feminist re-interpretation” of the Qur’an needed? Zara Faris debates Feminist Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Staunch feminist Amina Wadud claims that ISIS is a “wake-up call” for Muslims who reject a reformation of Islam; her fellow feminist activist, Ziba Mir-Hosseini (legal anthropologist) agrees, arguing that the existence of ISIS should force Muslims to “wake up” to the need for a feminist re-interpretation of Islam. Yesterday morning, I challenged Ziba Mir-Hosseini … Continue reading

Should Islam be Modernised?

Muslims who would like to see a reformation or revision of Islam, are like the cosmetic surgeons of Islam – marking, slicing, changing Islam according to their own idea of what looks good. I appeared on TV discussing the topic ‘Does Islam need Modernising?‘ The show features a discussion of whether reformation or revival is the … Continue reading

TV Debate: Do Muslims Need Feminism?

Not long ago I was invited onto the Islam Channel to discuss ‘Feminism and Islam’, which really ended up discussing the question, Do Muslims need Feminism, or do they need Islam? The full video is now available to watch on YouTube. Please watch, and share widely. The discussion was televised live on the Islam Channel … Continue reading

Radio Debate: Should the Niqab (veil) be banned in Britain?

A Radio Debate for Voice of Russia UK A few days ago, I was invited onto Voice of Russia UK Radio to participate in a debate regarding whether the Niqab (face veil) should be banned in Britain, along with Nabila Ramdani (journalist), Julie Bindel (feminist), and Dr Taj Hargey. You can listen to this debate … Continue reading

Radio Debate with Councillor Rania Khan on Feminism Coming Soon

A couple of weeks ago, the Muslim Community Radio invited me for a debate with Councillor Rania Khan (Cabinet Member for Culture) on the question, Do Women Need Power?  It was an exciting discussion, with Cllr Rania Khan arguing that the “patriarchy” continues to marginalise women in the UK today, and I demonstrated that injustice … Continue reading

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