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Do Muslims Need a Feminist Theology?

The following paper was first delivered in Frankfurt (Germany) at Goethe University’s conference: “Horizons of Islamic Theology” convened in 2014 by the Centre for Islamic Studies (Zentrum für Islamische Studien). The panel was entitled ‘Feminist Theology – Islamic Feminism – Muslim Feminism’, and I was asked to present on the title, “Do Muslims Need a … Continue reading

Debate Video: Islam and Feminism – Compatible or Conflicting? Zara Faris (MDI) vs Marina Mahathir (Sisters in Islam)

Have you ever wondered whether Islam and feminism are compatible? Or are they inherently irreconcilable? Is there superior rights for women in Islam, or those the Western originated ideas of Feminism provide the answers? Watch the thought-provoking discussion below that took place on 19th of February in London, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, as … Continue reading

Why are Malaysia’s Secular Liberal Groups So Afraid of Debate?

A week ago I was in Malaysia, having been invited to deliver a series of lectures on Islam, women’s rights, and a critique of liberalism and feminism. The organisers, Wanita ISMA (an Islamic NGO), had hoped to supplement my tour by organising a panel discussion between me, ISMA, and two members of a small (but disproportionately … Continue reading

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