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Feminism is Misogyny – as demonstrated by MP Sarah Wollaston

MP Sarah Wollaston has publicly expressed her vehement opposition to Muslim females wearing the niqab (face veil) (in The Telegraph, here). Here is part of a brief exchange I had with Wollaston on Twitter:

@drwollastonmp: Our schools should teach & encourage girls to communicate not collude with a misogynist opinion that they should be masked from view

@zarafaris: @drwollastonmp #Misogyny is: the *unsubstantiated* claim that #Niqab women must be under compulsion, just because they’re women. #stats?

@drwollastonmp: .@zarafaris feminism must stand up for girls to be seen & heard in our classrooms so they have confidence to communicate in an open society

@zarafaris: @drwollastonmp Heart surgeons save lives with their faces covered. I think you would agree that they communicate just fine. #stillbaseless

@drwollastonmp: @zarafaris no doubt current campaigners want it, it’s their younger ‘sisters’ who might not. How does a 13 yo girl resist pressure to comply

@zarafaris: @drwollastonmp Again, any statistical evidence for your claims that they are “pressured”? #niqab

@drwollastonmp: @zarafaris already some independent schools highlighted this week where mandated [NB: Wollaston is referring to school uniforms in 3 independent, fee paying schools]

@zarafaris: @drwollastonmp School uniforms = irrelevant. I stopped wearing my uniform when I left school. Our gender doesn’t handicap our intellect.

Wollaston says that we should resist the Niqab, and thereby not collude with misogyny. I agree that we should not collude with misogyny. We should not collude with Wollaston’s (and other feminists’) misogyny toward Muslim women. When feminists like Wollaston peddle unsubstantiated claims that Muslim women who wear the Niqab must only do so because they are forced against their will or are brainwashed into it, they are really saying that Muslim women must be under compulsion, just because they are women. Feminism is misogyny.


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