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DEBATE RECORDING: This House Believes That Shari’ah Law is Fairer than English Law

Following the exciting debate, This House Believes That Shari’ah Law is Fairer than English Law, between Zara Faris alongside Abdullah Al-Andalusi for the motion, and Adrienne Page QC and a retired Judge against the motion, we are pleased to announce that the recording of the full debate is now available to watch below.

An important note for those who have watched this: Seeing as the Judge and QC were unable to defend the English legal system after we did actually cite quite a lot of unjust English laws and effects (rape laws, secret trials, theft, the economy, prejudicial treatment at sentencing), and seeing as the audience could find no real fault with our representation of the Sharia, it is not really that strange that they would deflect by pointing to the current Muslim world. Their main contention in the end seemed not to be with the Sharia itself, but with the fact that it was not being implemented, implicitly suggesting that they have no problem with its laws in theory.

The motion, “This House Believes That Shari’ah Law is Fairer than English Law” was WON on vote changes from before and after the debate.

Official MDI Transcript of the opening presentation I delivered: here.

Review of the debate by Abdullah al Andalusi: here.


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