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Podcast: What Defines Women’s Rights? By Zara Faris

IMG_5324For those who prefer the flexibility of audio lectures, there is now a podcast of a lecture I delivered at Canterbury University (New Zealand) this February 2015, titled “What Defines Women’s Rights?”

You can listen to the podcast below, as aired on Plains FM who kindly created this podcast or, alternatively, you can download the Plains FM podcast for free and listen to it on the go, through the iTunes Store (just search ‘Zara Faris’ on your iTunes App).

NOTE: This podcast does not include the Q&A which took place after the lecture. The Q&A, which was thoroughly enjoyed, including discussions of Islamic economics, feminism, and Islamic law, will be released as part of the video version soon, God Willing.


One thought on “Podcast: What Defines Women’s Rights? By Zara Faris

  1. Jazakillahu khayran ukht. You’re filling an extremely important niche.

    Posted by বিদূষকের দ্রোহ | February 22, 2015, 4:14 pm

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