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المرأة في الدولة العثمانية إبان ظهور النسوية الغربية [Arabic Translation]

Many thanks to Mohamed Abdel Maksoud for translating my article, Ottoman Women During the Advent of Western Feminism from English into Arabic “في الشوارع ترى نساءا بقدر ما ترى رجالا، إن لم يكن أكثر (ذاهبات لقضاء احتياجاتهن اليومية إلخ) (…) اعتقد أني لم أرَ بلداً تتمتع فيه النساء بمثل هذه الحرية بغير لوم من المجتمع كتركيا (…) … Continue reading

Gratë Osmane gjatë ardhjes së feminizmit Perëndimor [Albanian Translation]

Many thanks to the Shekulli Shqiptare blog for translating my article, ‘Ottoman Women During the Advent of Western Feminism’, from English into Albanian. The translation was originally posted here, on shekullishqiptare.wordpress.com. Nga Zara Huda Faris Perkthyuar nga: Shekulli Shqiptare Origjinali: https://zarafaris.com/2013/08/03/ottoman-women-during-the-advent-of-european-feminism/ Si grua, si shumë tjera, nëse jo më shumë se meshkujt, që janë parë në rrugë [në … Continue reading

Did the Suffragettes Believe in Democracy?

Polling booths were propped open around the country again today; the perennial nagging began: “Women, use your vote! The suffragettes fought tooth and nail to win you this right!“ Women becoming involved in democracy is acclaimed as a ‘victory’ for women — but is participating in the democratic system ever going to bring about justice … Continue reading

Ottoman Women During the Advent of Western Feminism

by Zara Huda Faris “As to women, as many, if not more than men, are to be seen in the streets [i.e. going about their daily activities, etc] […] I think I never saw a country where women may enjoy so much liberty, and free from all reproach, as in Turkey […] The Turks in … Continue reading

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