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BOOK UPDATE: “Women’s Rights Without Feminism” by Zara Faris

As-Salaamu Alaikum everyone! I’ve received so many requests for an update on my upcoming book, “Women’s Rights Without Feminism”, which is named after my coined concept #womensrightswithoutfeminism. This book has been a few years in the making so far, so I thought it is time to share an update. Alhamdulillah, the manuscript is coming along well … Continue reading

DEBATE VIDEO: Do SlutWalks Harm Feminism?

MDI is pleased to announce the publication of the video of the debate ‘Do SlutWalks Harm Feminism?’. The UCL (University College London) debating society held a debate on the topic ‘This House believes SlutWalks Harms Feminism’, and they invited myself to argue against the motion. What is ‘Slutwalks’ you say? Well, it’s a complicated internal … Continue reading

DEBATE VIDEO: Is it wrong not to identify as feminist?

The full video of my debate with two feminist activists – a barrister and magazine editor who argued that everyone should identify as feminist – is now up! The debate motion “Is it wrong not to identify as feminist?” was decided by audience voting before and after (where the winner is the side that manages … Continue reading

Why should I identify as feminist? (in 5 mins)

Call yourselves “Muslim” [2min VIDEO]

A short clip from my primer lecture, “Feminism and the Concept of Medina”, hosted by The Qur’an Initiative.

Gratë Osmane gjatë ardhjes së feminizmit Perëndimor [Albanian Translation]

Many thanks to the Shekulli Shqiptare blog for translating my article, ‘Ottoman Women During the Advent of Western Feminism’, from English into Albanian. The translation was originally posted here, on shekullishqiptare.wordpress.com. Nga Zara Huda Faris Perkthyuar nga: Shekulli Shqiptare Origjinali: https://zarafaris.com/2013/08/03/ottoman-women-during-the-advent-of-european-feminism/ Si grua, si shumë tjera, nëse jo më shumë se meshkujt, që janë parë në rrugë [në … Continue reading

3 Myths on Domestic Abuse

 Updated: 10 August 2015 In the short clip below, a couple (portrayed by actors) are walking through a London park and begin to argue. In the first scenario, the argument becomes increasingly intense, until the man starts to manhandle the woman. Almost immediately, bystanders intervene, firmly, threatening to call the police. In the second scenario, the argument … Continue reading

Brauchen Frauen Feminismus? [German Translation]

Many thanks to Alfred Henry for translating my opening presentation of the debate, ‘Do Women Need Feminism’, from English into German, and to Sarah Mir for kindly proof reading it. Alfred Henry has originally posted the translation on his blog, feminismusneindanke. The footnotes are available in English in the original transcript. von Zara Huda Faris (Zara Huda Faris ist Islam-Theologin und lebt in Großbritannien http://zarafaris.com) … Continue reading

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